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  • 08-12-2017 Looking for high quality band with gigs and mana

    A singer and artist from Croatia with performing experience from all over the world (New York, Amsterdam, Scandinavia, Croatia). With her well rounded experience performing in very different projects; from solo, theatre, musicals, album recording to performing with the bands, Ema is ready- to- go artis for any ocasion. However, throughout last 10 years of performing Ema enjoyed working with live bands the most. Learning to listen to other musicians, having experiences to practice with them, or even sometimes perform without any rehearsal, has given her some nice chances to develop as a performer.

    Her goal is to contiue growing as a performer, give her best to entertain and have impact on the audience- in which she never fails! Ema feels that the best way she can do that is by performing with the live band to the rhytms of soul, R&B and funk!


    Kontakt Ema Gagro

    Telefon 26393127



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